- Size Adjustable -
- Color Adjustable -
- Weight Adjustable -
- Scent Releasing -
- Glowing -


While retrieving from shore or trolling from a boat, the fins of the Light Lure mimic a small school of prey fish, which is the perfect visual attractant for all species of game fish.

With the ability to (glow) and attract fish at deeper depths along with (internal scent attractant chamber) (internal weight or float chamber) for use as a top water or deep water lure and being (length adjustable) no other fishing lures have ever been invented with so many abilities.

The Light Lure is the worlds most versatile fishing lure.

The Light Lure is perfect for all sport fishermen.

The fishing lures are

Size Adjustable (add as many parts onto the lure as you want), Scent Releasing, Color Adjustable, Glowing and Weight Adjustable. The lures are made of the strongest PC on the market which is the same type used in bullet proof shields and windows, this is much higher quality than the abs plastics used on normal lures. Also the UV chrome that covers the fishing lures is high quality and does not flake off or chip off like our competitors. Don't settle for a cheap, brittle, abs plastic lure that cracks when hitting rocks on a cast or the side of the boat. The light lure is made with the highest care and top of the line materials to ensure its longevity.

Each Light Lure Kit includes

50 Scent Pellets, 20 Glow Sticks (lasting 12+ hours), 3 Weights, 3 Floats, 2 (1 body lures), each with a hook, 1 (3 body lure) with a hook, and 1 (5 body lure) with a hook. See the picture below for exactly what you are getting.
Red, Silver, Black and Brown Package Red, Silver and Green Package Mini Black Lure Mini Red Lure Assorted Color Lures Mini Assorted Lures Black, Silver and Red Glowing Lure One Body Lure Back of the Package Tripple Body Glowing Lure Assorted Glowing Lures

Can be used for Top Water or Deep Water fishing with the adjustable Tungsten weights or float inserts.

Note: When you order please tell me which color package you would like. They come in two color packages, the green/red/silver package or the brown/silver/black/red package.Thank you!

The blue, pink and orange fishing lures are not available. Those pictures are only for illustrative purposes.

Pricing: Retail: $17.95 - Wholesale: $15 (on orders of 5+)

Thank you for your interest in this product, feel free to with any questions -- Email Us
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