The Jewel Light is a revolutionary lighting device that is so universal it may be used indoor, outdoor and even underwater. The electronic components that produce the light are embedded in urethane resin material that has the appearance of glass, but is exceptionally stronger. The diamond shape design allows the use of the brightest - light emitting diodes available.

These bright L.E.D.'s are made to concentrate the beam of light to only 10 to 20 degrees to create a spotlight effect. This design allows the manufacturer to obtain a very bright and vivid light. By utilizing the diamond shape of the Jewel Light, the narrow beam of light is diffracted in all directions using the prismatic design which eliminates the spotlight effect, yet maintains the intensity of the light.

The process of embedding the electrical components inside the molded urethane creates a waterproof light that requires a very small amount of electricity and offers many years of continuous burning without replacement. The Jewel Lights are powered by either 9-volt DC or 12-volt DC, which enables them to be placed in areas where an incandescent light may be unsafe. When the proper electrical components are assembled, the L.E.D.s do not produce heat, which enables them to be embedded in a solid mass.

Some of the uses of the Jewel Light include:

  • Flush mounting under the eaves of roofs to create color washing effect on the outside walls of homes.
  • Flush mounting in ceilings to add a special effect in a room.
  • Under-cabinet lighting to give extra light on counter tops and back splash areas in kitchens and bathrooms.

The design of Jewel Lights enables them to be mounted through the cabinet bottom without any protrusion into the inside area of the cabinet shelf. This same mounting technique can also produce uplighting from atop the cabinets. The process of embedding the electrical components in the Jewel Light enables these lights to be inserted into the sides and / or bottom of swimming pools or spas. The embedding process also allows the Jewel Lights to become part of your landscape lighting because they are waterproof and have built in anti-yellowing inhibitors in the resin, so they will remain as clear as glass.

The design of the Jewel Light allows anyone who can drill a 7/8" hole to mount these lights. The overall diameter of the light is 1 1/8" and 7/8" diameter mounting area which allows 1/8" lip to apply silicone for adhering to any surface.

Today's technology in light emitting diodes is growing rapidly. Companies are producing brighter L.E.D.s every year and creating more vivid colors than ever before. This means the Jewel Light is on course to be brighter and more vivid as technology gets better and better. Some people speculate that this will be the lighting source for the future.

Colors available today include:  Bright White at this time.

Length: 7 inches (including wires)

Diameter: 1 inch

Jewel casing (urethane resin material): 1 inch

Pricing: Retail: $7 with 3 yr warranty - Wholesale: $4.25 (on orders of 100+)

Contact: Thanks for your interest in this new product, my name is Kyle and if you want to order or know more please contact me by one of these methods - Phone: 918-841-6191

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