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Welcome to the source for the Crappie Candle. The Underwater Fishing Light!

Lit Unit of Crappie Candles

The Crappie Candle is a new revolutionary underwater fishing light concept designed to slide freely along the line without resistance. This concept allows the Crappie Candle to serve as a weight and light as one. Crappie Candle allows fish to use their keen sense of eyesight at night to locate food rather than being limited to their sense of smell and vibrations. Other types of lights being used for night fishing provide light on the surface of the water with little penetration below the surface. This type light is great for attracting insects and small baitfish, but the fish you want to catch lurks below the baitfish.

This underwater fishing light has proven effective even at depths of 100+ feet. All you have to do is press the cap down and the device is completely waterproof. The device includes a sponge directly under the eye that when adding a few drops of a fish attractant will expand the sponge. Press down until 1/16 of a gap is between the sponge and the cap, the sponge will release the attractant in the area and draw more fish in. From tests, attractant nearly triples your chance of catching fish.

Scientific studies have shown that some colors of the light spectrums spook fish, such as colors red, orange and yellows. The light provided by the Crappie Candle matches closely to the spectrum of daylight high noon (5500K) therefore not spooking the fish. The unique design of the Crappie Candle enables the fisherman to have ONE fishing light to unhook a caught fish and re-bait a hook before sending it back below.

As you probably can attest to many lakes are murky and using the light even during the day can be an effective strategy to attract fish including: bass, catfish, walleye, bream, trout, salmon and even saltwater fish.

I want to discuss how to rig the light.

Basic Fishing Equipment Used: Float, Crappie Candle, Battery,  Jig head and body, Swivel, bead, rubber band

Rod/Pole: Spinning Rod 6 1/2 to 7 Foot or Jig Pole

Line: 8# - 10# - 12# - 6# Monofilament

Crappie Candle Rig Design
Rigging the Crappie Candle
If you have a slip float, put it on your line at this time then slip your main line under the wire ties of the Crappie Candle to the swivel. If you are using a jig pole, the Float is not required. Tie it on the swivel then below the swivel is where the small line with your jig comes into play. If for some reason you get hung up, you will only lose your jig and not the whole rig using the light line.

Thread the main line through the eye on top of the tube cap then under the rubber band. Tie on a swivel as before, and then attach your leader. Make sure that the leader is a lighter pound test. This is just in case you get hung up or a monster should break your line; that way you will not lose the Crappie Candle.

All you have to do is tie on a new leader that you should already have made up, and back to fishing. The swivel that is recommending is a ball bearing swivel because this will eliminate your line from twisting. Set the light at the desired height above your bait (minnow) (worm) or Lure.

You can also glue a bead above and below the light to keep it stationary rather than letting it slide along the line. This will allow you to use a weight for faster drop or use the main line only threading the line through the light up to the desired length and gluing stop bead to the line or use a small split shot for the light stop. I like to instead of gluing the bead will take a bead and run a rubber band through the bead then double it and trim off the excess. This way I can adjust the underwater depth just by moving the bead.

The Crappie Candle operates on one tiny 23a (NStyle) battery which lasts approximately 14 hour and the Crappie Candle has been tested to 100+ feet underwater and completely watertight. Imagine only having one small light, the size of a cigar, which provides all the light needed for a successful night of fishing without those annoying insects flying in your face and no other external light to lug around. If this sounds FANTASTIC it is and there is more! The Crappie Candle is warranted for a LIFETIME! If your Crappie Candle ever becomes defective (excluding battery) simply return it to us and a new Crappie Candle will be sent to you FAST.

Dimensions of the Crape Candle:16mm X 75mm (approx.0.75in X 3in). It is made of tough polystyrene plastic for durability.

This is the best underwater fishing light on the market and certainly for the price it makes it without question the biggest bang for your buck. Below you can purchase the white or green versions. Thanks for considering the Crappie Candle.

Crappi Candle White Light - 2 Pack

White Light 2 pack White Light 2 pack
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Crappi Candle Green Light - 2 Pack

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